4 Hairstyles for a Cool Summer

Summer brings out the high temperatures but also the high styles. Trying to stay cool and comfortable yet stylish is a priority and that goes for both outfits and hairstyles. Short haircuts are definitely your best bet, however you don’t need to go as extreme as getting a buzzcut. We’ve made a list of 4 hairstyles that will get you feeling and looking fresh for the Summer.

Mid Fade with Brushed Up Hair

This hairstyle is the perfect compromise between long and short hair. The mid fade provides your head with some breathability, while the top leaves to free to play with different styles. For a strong hold like the one in the picture, use a dab of Pomade on dry hair.

Textured Crop with High Bald Fade

This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance and gives you instant freshness. Add a touch of Hair Cream after shower and you’re good to go.

High Taper Fade with Textured Brushed Up Hair

This hairstyle is a classic for a reason. Versatile and easy to maintain, the High Taper Fade with Textured Brushed Up Hair style is perfect for any season. For a clean, natural look, use some Hair Cream to style it.

Low Fade with Classic Side Part     

This old school style is great for men who are not really into fades. It keeps the hair short while still giving the back of your head some coverage. If you the same high shine effect as in the picture, make sure to use some of our water based Pomade

Images Source: Men's Hairstyle Now  & Lifestyle By PS