Father's Day Story Time

With Father's Day coming up, we thought we'd share with you the story our grandfather, who, as you may already know, was the founder of Pomp & Co. and Sam's Barber. Scroll down to read more about the life and work of Sammy Donnelly. 

Where It All Began

It was pre-WWII Belfast 1939, and 20-year-old Sammy Donnelly and brother Jimmy 22 take the train from Belfast down south to Dublin to attend a dinner dance at the famous Hotel Metropole with friends. It's here the two barber brothers meet two nurses who so happen to be sisters, Rose and Kitty. Not long after courting, Sammy and Rose tied the knot and settled in Dublin, and the first Sam's Barbers of Dublin is founded.

Basement Potions

It's 1947 and now post WWII.
Sammy is in the basement of his barbershop concocting, lotions, potions and the likes, as was the done thing of the day and the only way to provide patrons with a regular supply of toiletries. Renowned for their fragrance and reportedly a result of him blending stocks of his personal cologne into every single batch. His goods ensured that the gents of Dublin always looked neat and fashionable.

The Pomp & Co. Legacy

64 years later, Pomp & Co. is relaunched by Sammy’s grandchildren, both master barbers who turned their knowledge and passions learned from the family trade into continuing the story and legacy their grandfather began.

If you have not got your old man something for his special day yet, don't miss this opportunity. 

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