Our story is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. that key is pomp & co...


We are a small family-run company who decided on the path less travelled, completing a journey 3 generations in the making. We are following our passion; to provide authentic, timeless grooming products, that allow you to be yourself whatever your style.

Pomp & Co. was originally envisioned by master barber and Dublin legend, Sammy Donnelly in 1947. His original formulations were renowned for their fragrance, which was the result of blending his personal collection of colognes into every batch.

64 years later his we had a gnawing hunger, a relentless drive to finish the work Sammy started. When we started we were the only barbers in Ireland making their own pomade. Since then many have come, but we believe that only Pomp has the character and spirit of generations of master barbers and proud Irishmen.

timeless, authentic products you’ll use for a lifetime & pass down to the next generation.

Steeped in Irish Roots


To perform and exceed expectations we formulated each product to be very concentrated with a strength that could be considered strong. Customarily this meant that for lighter hold, natural looking hairstyles, only a small amount would ever be needed. The function of the scent was extremely important, as we wanted a fragrance that would act as a cologne for the hair. So we spent over a year making changes, smelling samples and getting feedback, until we got it spot on.

The pomade is great for pomps, slick-backs & classic styles. The cream is perfect for natural, textured styles. Our concentrated formula means that for lighter hold, more natural looking hairstyles, only a small amount would ever be needed. Because both the Pomade & HairCream are water based they’ll wash out easily from the hair without any residue.